Burgundy Elephant Purse

$ 42.00

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This Burgundy Elephant Purse is sewn together by women in Southern India and hangs approximately 24 inches from the shoulder. The purse is made from beautiful strips of fabric originally from an Indian Sari. A Sari is the traditional dress for women in the region, and is worn by wrapping the long cloth around the waist then draping the uniquely embroidered and stitched edge of the fabric around the shoulder. The elegant cloths combined on this elephant purse blend colors and designs into a new fashionable patchwork. The elephant purse is a lightweight bag with a little structure built into the design. This purse also comes with a small stuffed elephant that can be tied to a keyring.

Because of the unique fabrics used in this product, no two items are identical. The items are grouped by primary colors but we cannot guarantee an exact match to any photo.


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