Adras Keychain Pouch

$ 10.00

We currently have 20 in stock.

The Adras Keychain Pouch is a creative and versatile pouch for keeping small items with you wherever you go.  Great for change, lip gloss, or you must-have essential oils on the go!  Each pouch holds several small essential oil bottles or rollers and has a full length zippered closure.  

The adras fabrics of Central Asia, particularly those from Uzbekistan, are considered the world's finest. Adras fabric, also known as ‘ikat’, is made using a technique in which thread is tie-dyed in preset patterns, creating figures that emerge as the cloth is woven. This form of weaving has been practiced for centuries.

Each length of adras has its own unique design and is never exactly repeated,therefore each pouch is a limited edition!  We group fabrics by color, but cannot guarantee an exact match to any photo. 

This listing is for assorted fabrics.  Any adras fabric is possible.   


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