In so many areas of the world, safe employment and job training can be the difference between life and death, and can be the foothold needed to escape the cycle of povertyLatitudes partners with a broad range of small artisan businesses in 11 different countries that each seek to alleviate this economic hardship through sustainable employment and business partnerships. These partnerships include:

  • One artisan business in India employs widows affected by HIV and trains them to be seamstresses while providing medical care, community, and education opportunities for their children.
  • Another in Nepal works with women at risk for human trafficking and gives them a safe haven for fair trade employment and a compassionate community.
  • One in Jordan employs handicapped Jordanians and trains them in various stages of handcrafted woodworking production.
  • Another in India works with existing artisan communities to build fair trade partnerships.
  • One in Indonesia equips women to earn income from within their homesinstead of leaving families behind for work in far off sweatshops.
  • And another in India provides employment within an inner-city district, training to utilize traditional handicrafts for modern business.

Latitudes exists to market and advocate for artisan-based small businesses around the world who seek to impact resource-deprived communities, particularly in poverty stricken regions. Latitudes comes alongside these businesses to help develop marketable products and effective sales channels that allow for employment, job training, and sustainable income for families and individuals. Each of these small businesses are invested in their local communities and seek to impact those with the greatest need for empowerment, advocacy, and opportunity.

    As a vital link in the supply chain, Latitudes directly supports each individual artisan as they transform raw materials into lifesaving income. Your donation to Latitudes allows this work to continue and expand. 

    Latitudes receives donations through partnership with Professionals International, a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 20-2016266. All donations are tax-deductible. You can learn more by visiting our Professionals International project page.