Natural Coaster Set

$ 30.00

We currently have 5 in stock.

Our Natural Coasters have been sealed with a natural matte finish. This ensures that the bark will not come off with normal ware. Each piece is approximately 3.5 inches (8 cm) wide. Because this product is made from pruned tree limbs some coasters will be a little larger or a little smaller. Each set is matched as best we can so the "set" looks like a set.

Our artisans hand-cut and finish each olive wood kitchen item from a single piece of wood, bringing to life the natural beauty of the olive wood and revealing its warm earth tones. The beautiful grains in the wood ensure that each product purchased is one of a kind. Ideal for kitchen and home items, olive wood has intrinsic durability and antibacterial properties. With the proper care, your olive wood should last a lifetime. Because we are committed to excellent quality, each piece is individually inspected before it is packaged for shipment.


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