Olive Wood Medium Dipping Bowl

$ 20.00

This beautiful olive wood bowl is treated and sealed with a natural wax and matte finish to ensure durability and long life.  These bowls are appropriate for dry foods such as nuts and whole fruit but not intended for hot, liquid, or soft food items that might compromise the natural wax sealant.

This bowl is approximately 4.25" wide x 1.5" deep.  

Our Olive Wood

The olive wood used for this bowl is hand-cut and hand-sanded from trimmings of Jordanian olive trees gleaned after the olive harvest.  We are proud that our olive wood products contribute to the sustainability of Jordanian olive groves.  

Artisans hand-cut each olive wood item from a single piece of wood, bringing to life the natural beauty of the olive wood by revealing its warm earth tones. The silky texture of the olive wood is smooth to touch, and its faint, slightly sweet aroma can last for many years. With the proper care, olive wood items should last a lifetime.


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